Avoyelles Parish School Board   Marksville, LA   Full-time     Education
Posted on April 18, 2024

The Avoyelles Parish School Board, located in Marksville, LA is now accepting applications for the position of Principal.

Qualifications: Department of Education Certification in Principalship. Will report to Supervisor and be responsible for supervising school personnel.

Additional qualifications:


  • Work collaboratively with the school community to develop and maintain a shared school vision
  • Use school vision to guide decision-making about students and the instructional programs
  • Maintain open communication with the school community, and effectively convey high expectations for student learning to the community.

Teaching and Learning

  • Recognize, model, and promote effective teaching strategies that enable students to apply what they learn to real-world experiences;
  • Encourage and support the use of innovative, researched-based teaching strategies to engage students actively in solving complex problems and methods of student assessment which will enhance learning for all students
  • Conduct frequent classroom visits and periodic observations, provide constructive feedback to faculty and staff, and suggest models of effective teaching techniques when needed

School Management

  • Maintain a safe, secure, clean, and aesthetically pleasing physical school plant
  • Establish and/or implement laws, policies, regulations, and procedures that promote effective school operation
  • Manage human resources responsibly by selecting and inducting new personnel appropriately, assigning and evaluating all staff effectively, and taking other appropriate steps to build an effective school staff

School Improvement

  • Provide ongoing opportunities for staff to reflect on their roles and practices in light of student standards and school goals
  • Grow professionally by engaging in professional development activities and making such activities available to others
  • Facilitate school-based research and use these and other research findings to plan school improvement initiatives, pace the implementation of these changes, and evaluate their impact on teaching and learning

Professional Development

  • Communicate a focused vision for both school and individual professional growth
  • Use research and data from multiple sources to design and implement professional development activities
  • Provide opportunities for individual and collaborative professional development

School Community Relations

  • Be visible and involved in the community and treat members of the school community equitably
  • lnvolve the school in the community while keeping the school community informed

Professional Ethics

  • Model ethical behavior at both the school and community levels
  • Communicate to others expectations of ethical behavior
  • Adheres to federal, state, and local policies and regulations
  • Adheres to the channel of authority