Cumberland County Technical Education Center

Vineland, NJ


Mission & Values

The Mission of Cumberland County Technical Education Center is to provide all of our students with a pathway into the
global workforce with advanced educational options. We have established core values to drive our mission statement.

All programmatic, academic, and administrative policies and procedures are developed with these core values in mind.
C.C. • College & Career Readiness:
All students will leave CCTEC college and career ready. Our goal is to prepare all students through a rigorous academic program that includes opportunities to enroll in Advanced Placement courses and courses that have articulated credit with colleges and universities. In addition, all students will leave CCTEC with industry licensure/certification and the skills needed to be successful in any industry.
T • Technology & Innovation:
CCTEC is a high school of innovation! As our logo depicts, our students and staff think outside of the box. In our ever changing, global economy, we are preparing our students for jobs that haven’t been created and for problems that do not yet exist. In addition to being academically rigorous, our curriculum

is project-based and requires students to analyze, synthesize, collaborate, evaluate, and create solutions to real problems.

E • Excellence & Leadership:
CCTEC is committed to excellence and to fostering the next generation of leaders! We provide our students with numerous leadership experiences in our curricular and co-curricular program and hold our staff and administration accountable to the highest level of excellence.
C • Citizenship:
In addition to preparing the next generation of mechanics, engineers, doctors, and more, we want to ensure that we are promoting and supporting strong values of citizenship. CCTEC believes a good citizen is someone who takes responsibility for his/her actions, works diligently in his/her profession, contributes to the

community, respects others and their property, helps those who are not in a position to help themselves and continues to keep informed about the world around him/her. To that end, our student code of conduct was developed with the goal of creating responsible and accountable citizens

Jobs at Cumberland County Technical Education Center

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Cumberland County Technical Education Center
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