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Marcus Whitman Central School   Rushville , NY   Full-time     Other
Posted on November 18, 2022
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Job Description

  • Directly supervise, evaluate, and participate (when needed) in all aspects of maintenance and grounds department activities. 
  • Prioritize, schedule, and assign district work orders, projects, approve overtime for maintenance and grounds dept. 
  • Field survey large work orders, projects, plan scope, estimate, and order materials/equipment needed. 
  • Troubleshoot complex HVAC, electrical, plumbing issues and direct maintenance mechanics as to the proper course of action to resolve issues at hand. 
  • Ensure proper operation of district owned facilities, systems, equipment, and municipal water tower and its systems. 
  • Communicate with athletic director regarding field prep., contest schedules, athletic department needs/special projects. 
  • Manage district wide internal phone/PBX and Energy Management Systems. 
  • Immediate hands on reaction to daily unforeseen issues such as mechanical failures, safety issues, scheduled facility use problems, weather events, and lack of personnel that would otherwise disrupt the normal school/business day. 
  • Prepare, present to the BOE, monitor, and manage annual budget. 
  • Prepare, present to the BOE multi-year B&G equipment replacement schedule. 
  • Oversee, prepare, and approve all departmental requisitions and purchase orders for the procurement of district paper products, cleaning supplies, copy paper, replacement parts/equipment, and building materials. 
  • Prepare annual rental invoice and provide back up for rental of district owned buildings leased to Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES . 
  • Solicit proposals from outside vendors/contractors and make recommendations to the Business Administrator and Superintendent based on cost and quality of services. 
  • Prepare public bids for services, supplies/material , equipment, or construction projects. 
  • Review for accuracy and apply budget codes to all buildings and grounds invoices for accounts payable department. 
  • Monitor and track facility utility usage and costs for efficiency and budgeting purposes. 
  • Communicate with business official and superintendent the necessary details when large unexpected expenditures are required or anticipated. 
  • Make recommendations to Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds Committee, BOE, and 
  • Architects for capital improvement upgrades need to district facilities and property. 
  • Work directly with A&E firm to draft five year capital plan. 
  • Heavily involved in all phases of capital projects from preliminary design to project completion and close out. 
  • Directly responsible for scheduling, participating, correcting any citations, and completing documentation to any and all annual inspections such as: fire, DOH, boiler, structural building, fire alarm, DEC bulk petroleum storage, elevator, fueling stations/fire suppression systems, fire hydrant, , and Insurance Carrier inspections. 
  • District AHERA LEA designee responsible for annual AHERA public notices, updating/keeping current AHERA documentation, and AHERA Tri -annual Inspection. 
  • Schedules inspections and completes reports for federal, state and local regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with codes, rules and regulations;
  • Supervises staff responsible for daily preventive maintenance and custodial activities, which 
    may include replacing locks, painting, carpeting/floor tile/window/drywall replacement and/or 

  • Manages, develops and schedules a preventive maintenance program designed to retain buildings, grounds and equipment in a safe operating condition;
  • Inspects and oversees painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and other mechanical maintenance and construction work performed by private contractors, custodial, or maintenance employees to ensure work is in compliance with contract specifications, as well as, applicable codes and regulations;
  • Supervises the in-service training of custodial, maintenance and if applicable, transportation employees;
  • Discusses capital projects, maintenance, repair and operational needs with school administrator(s);
  • Reviews the School District’s expenditures from the prior year and assists the administration with the budget process by forecasting and planning for the upcoming budget;
  • Monitors expenses to ensure budgetary limits established by the School Board are not exceeded;
  • Recommends purchase of materials and supplies and develops and directs the maintenance of the inventory control system;
  • Reviews decisions made by lower-level supervisors regarding work schedules, vacation requests, personal and sick leave requests to ensure compliance with District policies and procedures;
  • Maintains records and prepares reports related to operations and the work performed and schedules repairs when necessary;
  • Recommends staffing to administrators and is also responsible for interviewing, hiring, evaluating and disciplining departmental personnel;
  • Manages, and when necessary, performs preventive maintenance and repairs on equipment, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems;
  • Troubleshoots problems with equipment, including HVAC and electrical systems and may contact contractor to perform repairs when a non-routine issue is identified;
  • Oversees or performs inspections on and tests security systems, safety lighting, fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, doors, and eyewash stations to ensure proper operation and compliance with applicable codes and regulations; 
  • Ensures removal of snow and ice from sidewalks and roadways;
  • Responds to inquiries from employees, school district administrators and the public regarding school district buildings and grounds activities;
  • Swimming pool maintenance, if applicable, is limited to maintaining pool’s cleanliness and the addition of chemicals to ensure a safe swimming environment for students/public;
  • May work with construction managers, architects and/or engineers to develop, implement and complete capital improvement projects and other long-term plans;
  • May use a variety of tools and operates a variety of motor and other equipment related to building and grounds maintenance and repair including snow blowers, lawn mowers, tractors, plow trucks, pick-up trucks, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, drills, reciprocating saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers and plungers;
  • May be responsible for operating motor equipment related to the work.
  • Good knowledge of applicable codes, laws, rules and regulations governing school buildings and grounds administration;
  • Good knowledge of buildings and grounds maintenance and repair practices and procedures;
  • Good knowledge of safety precautions and practices associated with buildings and grounds maintenance and repair work;
  • Good knowledge of the principles and practices of administrative supervision;
  • Good knowledge of budgeting;
  • Ability to organize, prepare and maintain accurate records and files;
  • Ability to effectively, efficiently and safely use tools and operate equipment related to building and grounds maintenance and repair;
  • Ability to inspect the work of building tradespersons and contractors to ensure compliance with contract specifications, and applicable codes and regulations;
  • Ability to prepare budgets, operating reports and a variety of other reports relative to program activities;
  • Ability to understand, interpret, and follow instructions, plans, diagrams, specifications and blueprints;
  • Ability to understand and follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing;
  • Mechanical aptitude; and
  • Willingness to work under adverse weather conditions.
  • Other duties as assigned

Civil Service Title

Director of Facilities II

Job Qualifications


Graduation from high school or possession of a high school equivalency diploma and one of the following:
(A) A Bachelor’s or higher-level degree in School Facilities Management, Engineering, Construction  Management or Architecture and two years of experience in school facilities maintenance, general building construction, building maintenance or repair work, or construction management, one year of which must have involved the supervision of employees*; or

(B) An Associate’s or higher-level degree in School Facilities Management, Engineering, Engineering Technology, Building Construction Technology Architecture or Architectural Technology and four years of experience in school facilities maintenance, general building construction, building maintenance or repair work, or construction management, one year of which must have involved the 
supervision of employees*; or

(C) Six years of experience in school facilities maintenance, general building construction, building maintenance or repair work, or construction management, one year of which must have involved the supervision of employees*.

NOTE: Verifiable part-time experience may be prorated toward meeting full-time experience requirements.

Non-Qualifying Experience: Experience limited to building cleaning is not qualifying. Building cleaning is defined as activities primarily involving a variety of inside and outside building cleaning activities including, but not limited to, washing walls and windows, polishing floors, cleaning restrooms, disposing of refuse.

A degree in landscape architecture shall not be qualifying.

*Supervision of Employees is defined as responsible direction and control of subordinate employees. This involves a responsibility for planning for individuals in a work group and includes but is not limited to, assigning and reviewing work, evaluating performance, maintaining work standards, motivating and developing subordinate employees, implementing procedural changes, increasing 
efficiency and dealing with problems of absenteeism, morale and discipline. The supervision aspects must be an integral part of the job, not incidental or occasional.

Project Management experience which did not include the minimum amount of experience in employee supervision is not qualifying.

Construction Management: includes management of a building construction project from inception to completion including cost estimating, construction planning/scheduling and construction inspection to ensure compliance with building codes.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Possession of a valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle in the State  of New York and certificates appropriate to the vehicles, equipment and/or machinery operated at time of appointment or during the course of employment consistent with the needs of the School District.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT FOR APPOINTMENT IN SCHOOL DISTRICTS: In accordance with the Safe Schools Against Violence in Education (SAVE) legislation, Chapter 180 of the Laws of 2000, and by the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, candidates for appointment in school districts must obtain clearance for employment from the State Education Department prior to employment based upon a fingerprint and criminal history background check.


Application Procedure

Please submit your resume and three references to :

Sharene Benedict
Superintendent Secretary/District Clerk

Once these are submitted, Sharene Benedict will send you a link to apply for the State exam.  Deadline to apply for the state exam is Dec. 14.


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