Classroom Paraeducator

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Posted on November 15, 2023
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South Fayette Township School District is seeking a Classroom Paraeducator.

Director of Student Support Services Building Principal Teacher

To assist children in self-sufficiency, communications, interpersonal, mobility and behavioral skills.
To encourage, support and educate students by assisting them in the performance of daily living activities necessary for their comfort, well-being and integrity.
To promote independence to the maximum extent possible to be successful based on the individual needs of each student and their disabilities.
To assist the regular and special education teachers in all facets of the South Fayette educational program such as to maximize students participation and success in the least restrictive environment.
To assist students with their learning, behavioral, emotional and/or social difficulties so that they may participate successfully in the least restrictive environment.
To maintain the safety of students at all times. This is a critical function of the paraeducators responsibility as students may lack awareness of the most basic safety regulations, including: avoiding dangerous situations, recognizing hazards previously warned about, responding appropriately to danger signals, wandering into unknown areas, and/or touching/handling/smelling/tasting unknown objects.

1. Two or Four Year Degree (preference to the field of education)
2. Current certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
3. Experience working with children with disabilities
4. Ability to work cooperatively with many individuals
5. Ability to communicate with adults and children effectively
6. Dependable and mature in demeanor
7. Excellent writing skills
8. Ability to take notes
9. Ability to learn about specific characteristics, interventions, and strategies related to varying disabilities/atypical syndromes
10. Strong commitment to the goals, mission, and philosophy of the school district
11. Expresses a strong desire and enthusiasm to make a difference in a students lives
12. Experience in behavior strategies in working with children/youth

1. Support students in the areas of academics, social, emotional and functional skills.
2. Facilitate and model appropriate social interaction throughout entire school day.
3. Supervise students and manage student behaviors using basic management techniques throughout entire school day. These techniques include redirection, modeling, positive and negative reinforcement, shaping and direct hand-over-hand assistance.
4. Deliver independent learning activities in various academic areas, as well as specials areas, as assigned.
5. Accompany students to various settings throughout the school and district community, including field trips and special functions.
6. Provide students with re-direction, organization, coping strategies and other specially designed instruction as specified in their IEPs.
7. Support the medical needs of assigned student(s) as necessary in order to increase their independence and to increase the students ability to access their education.
8. Follow medical crisis plans as necessary for students with medical needs.
9. Assist student(s) with functional activities such as:
a) Buying a lunch
b) Delivering notes from home
c) Packing and unpacking items from back pack
d) Manipulating fasteners
e) Removing and putting on outer wear
f) Hanging up items in the closet
g) Organizing items in desk
h) Getting out needed supplies such as pencils, crayons, glue as appropriate
i) Unpacking lunch box
j) Opening food containers
k) Cleaning up and gathering items after lunch
l) Prompting student to wash hands, wipe nose, wipe face, etc.
10. Assist in maintaining communication between home and school when appropriate with the classroom teacher and/or administration.
11. Monitor students progress on IEP goals as outlined by special education staff.
12. Assist teachers with reporting data regarding student progress on IEP goals/objectives and/or Individual Student Positive Behavior Support Plan.
13. Communicate with special education teacher(s) regarding the progress of special education students across settings.
14. Participate in parent-teacher conferences and Individualized Education Plan meetings when requested.
15. Administer first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and maintain certification
16. Possess the ability to work as a team player with teachers in classrooms and with administration in the buildings.
17. Display enthusiasm and promote a friendly group working environment, work closely with other departments/programs as necessary and display professional team spirit.
18. Perform a wide variety of tasks and be able to change focus quickly as situations change and manage these transitions and tasks effectively.
19. Write effectively to complete daily/weekly/monthly online Medical Assistance (MA) forms regarding children/youth that you are assigned responsibilities.
20. Acquire if needed based on 2 year/4 year degree, the PDE Credential of Paraeducator Competency during the first two years of employment at South Fayette Township School District.
21. Participate in professional development to acquire the needed 20 hours annually to retain the high qualified paraeducator status.
22. May be asked to perform other job-related responsibilities as designated by the special education teacher, regular education teacher, building principals, and/or the Director of Pupil Personnel.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Rate $16.09 as per the negotiated contract for the probationary period of 60 working days. $20.11 after successful completion of the probationary period. Paraeducator job assignments/positions may change during the school year or year-to-year based on special education student needs, special education populations in each building, and/or training.