School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

Swedesboro-Woolwich School District   Swedesboro, NJ   Full-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on November 16, 2023


  1. Valid New Jersey School business Administrator Certificate or eligibility
  2. Minimum experience as determined by the board
  3. Understanding of the principles and practices of financial accounting and reporting procedures consistent with statute, code and GAAP requirements
  4. Knowledge of accepted business practices in school districts related to budget preparation and administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations and facility planning
  5. Demonstrated organizational, communication and interpersonal skills
  6. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien

Reports To: Superintendent/Board of Education

Supervises:  All custodial, maintenance, food service and transportation personnel and business operations staff

Job Goal: To supervise, manage and coordinate the business affairs of the district efficiently and effectively to ensure that educational support services help to achieve the educational goals of the district with the available financial resources.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Assists the superintendent in the preparation of the annual school budget and is responsible for the administration of all phases of the budget throughout the year.
  2. Serves as general accountant for the board.  Keeps accurate and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by statute, administrative code and board policy.
  3. Assumes responsibility for the audit of all claims, invoices and demands against the board, presents them for board approval and submits them to the treasurer of school moneys for payment.
  4. Collects tuition fees and other moneys due to the board not payable directly to the treasurer of school moneys and transmits such funds to the treasurer.
  5. Serves as the official purchasing agent of the board and is responsible for establishing procedures for the acquisition of supplies and equipment for the district in accordance with law and board policies.
  6. Oversees the operation and maintenance of all school facilities and supervises custodial, grounds and maintenance services.  Ensures that all local, state/federal standards for health and safety of students and staff are maintained and the required reports are maintained.
  7. Assists the superintendent in the development and implementation of a multi-year (3-5 years) comprehensive maintenance plan and the district’s long-range facilities master plan.
  8. Is responsible for the efficient operation of the district’s food services program; ensures that procedures are in accordance with law and regulations; and supervises food service personnel.
  9. Administers the district’s insurance/risk management program
  10. Is responsible for the safe, efficient operation of the student transportation program; ensures proper maintenance of district-owned buses; reviews routes; and handles the business aspects of contracted transportation services.
  11. Assists the superintendent in projection of facility needs and oversees all construction programs.  Helps develop educational standards for sites, buildings and equipment; prepares cost data; and cooperates with architect and construction supervisor during construction programs.
  12. Acts as the agent of the board in site acquisitions and sale/lease of property and is responsible for scheduling the use of school buildings and grounds by authorized groups in accordance with board policies.
  13. Oversees the preparation of the district payroll and ensures proper maintenance of records related to auditing requirements, tax laws, and employee benefits.  Is responsible for implementing hospitalization, major medical and other types of board-approved employee benefit plans.
  14. Is responsible for investment of board funds in accordance with statute and board policy.
  15. Assists the superintendent and the board in developing and updating policies for all aspects of the school business operation.
  16. Safeguards and maintains all records and papers of the board, and devises a system of acceptable recording and filing to guarantee the safety and availability of all reports, minutes of meetings, contracts, communications and publications, and such other documents as the board may place in the secretary’s custody.
  17. Is responsible for the retention and destruction of public documents in accordance with state law and retention schedules and serves as the district’s records management officer.
  18. Notifies all board members of regular and special meetings.  Calls special meetings whenever requested by the board president or by a petition signed by a majority of the board.
  19. Records all proceedings of board meetings, prepares the official meeting minutes and handles all correspondence of the board.
  20. Performs duties related to school elections as required by law and works cooperatively with the county board of elections, the county clerk and district board of elections in facilitating all regular and special school elections.
  21. Presides at the annual reorganization meeting of the board until such time as a president is elected.
  22. Administers the oath of office to newly elected board members.
  23. Files with the county superintendent a report listing the name and social security number of each bus driver or substitute drive and certification of a valid school bus driver’s license and criminal background check.
  24. Annually develops and transmits to the county superintendent of schools, on or before February 1, a list of names of the school officials, by the office and position, whose responsibilities require the filing of the financial and Personal/Relative Disclosure Statements.
  25. Notifies the county superintendent of the names of newly elected or appointed board members to obtain the state-required Financial and personal/Relative Disclosure Statements and informs the county superintendent of new administrators or supervisors appointed after the April 30 filing date.
  26. Prior to the annual submission to the county superintendent, checks that the completed disclosure forms have been reviewed to assure that both required forms have been filed; that all questions have been answered or indicated as not being applicable; and that each copy is signed by an original signature.
  27. Provides to the county superintendent the names of all persons on the February 1 list of school officials and all newly elected or appointed persons who have failed to file as required under the law.
  28. Notifies the New Jersey School Boards Association of the names of newly-elected or appointed school board members in a timely manner to ensure the fulfillment of training required by the School Ethics Act.
  29. Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by law or assigned by the superintendent or the board.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve months.  Contract terms and salary to be determined by the board.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of state law, administrative code, and the board’s policy on evaluation of the business administrator/board secretary.

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